The kalyan chart is also very well known as satta matka. In basic terms, this is an Indian-originated playing game.. The person who discovered this game is referred to as Kalyangi Bhagat. The Kalyan Chart is the most important aspect of the Satta Matka game. This chart is really just the results over time, introducing a basic grid with rows and columns that correspond to the results of specific prior games. This is because every record in the Kalyan Chart contains numbers drawn during the games and they are recorded systematically with respect to days and results thus making it an essential tool for players and statisticians.

Understanding the Format

The kalyan Panel chart is simply arranged in format like a calendar, with six columns that represent each day of the week like from Monday to Saturday. Below every day’s column, the numbers listed that are drawn, along with a clear view of game history.

What is the Kalyan Chart?

The Kalyan Panel Chart is structured to provide clear and detailed information about the outcomes of the Satta Matka game. It includes the following elements:

1. Date Column: Listing of the specific dates for each and every game.

2. Opening Number: The number drawn at the start of the game.

3.Closing Number: The number drawn at the end of the game.

4. Panel Numbers: Three-digit combinations derived from the opening and closing numbers.

5. Jodi Numbers: Two-digit pairs calculated from the sum of the opening and closing numbers.

6. Time Slots : Results for morning and evening draws.

7. Additional Details : Information on special games, jackpots, historical averages, and winning trends.

How to Read the Kalyan Chart

1. Panel Format

Each panel shows two numbers: the opening result / number (left) and the closing result/ number(right).

The arrangement of digits within the panel is significant for predicting winning numbers.

2. Interpreting the Number

The opening result represents the initial number drawn, while the closing result is the final number drawn.

Analysing the sequence of these numbers across panels helps in making predictions.

3. Jodi and Ank

Jodi refers to pairs of numbers formed by combining the opening and closing results (e.g., 23, 56).

Ank refers to individual digits within the Jodi (e.g., 2, 3, 5).

4. Using the Chart

Players study the chart to identify patterns and recurring numbers.

Some develop strategies based on historical data to make informed bets.

Strategies for Using the Kalyan Chart

Pattern Analysis

Identify often occurring patterns to improve your chance of winning. Use tools like to help analyse trends to understand patterns better. By using trend analysis and pattern recognition algorithms, you can make smarter decisions.

Mathematical Formulas

By using mathematical formulas and various online tools enabling more accurate predictions about future numbers.This approach includes calculating probabilities. By applying this, players can make more informed decisions and increase winning chances.

Historical Data Comparison

By comparing and reviewing past outcomes help to understand the game's volatility to adjust better strategy, thi past data significantly improve your predictive capabilities.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Using the Kalyan Chart

Sometimes just depending on patterns for Kalyan Charty lead to misleading predictions.

By just assuming past pattern and repetition, result history may result as financial loss because outcomes of kalyan cart are highly unpredictable.

The only way to succeed in this specific lottery is to keep researching if you don't want to lose.

To avoid this mistakes use


The above instructional writing on the Kalyan Chart/Satta Matka covers a variety of strategies, trends, and errors that should be avoided when playing this type of gamble. Additionally, a logical and strategic approach to understanding the Kalyan Chart or Kalyan Panel Chart. Hence, the Satta Matka is not the game of chance; rather it is based on historical data analysis and also many mathematical approaches and concepts of variation. With the help of right analysis and knowledge of the Kalyan Chart you can change the risk into great opportunities and win as much as games in Satta Matka.

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