Different Types OF Kalyan Panel Charts

History Of Kalyan Chart: Originally, the Kalyan Chart was developed based on the markets in Mumbai. The game was initially initiated by Ratan Khatri, who is credited to be the original inventor of Satta Matka. The daily Matka draw result can thus be tracked through the Kalyan Chart which enables the players in understanding the results of the Kalyan Matka game. Over the years it has evolved and has been adopted into a crucial part of the Satta Matka game.

Major Key Components of Satta Matka:

Matka King

Which is the person or operator who runs the Matka game.

Opening and Closing Numbers

The primary numbers drawn two times daily, which are used to decide the game’s outcome.


A two digit number combination that players bet on.

Panel Chart

A chart that shows all the possible combinations and outcomes for reference.

What is the Kalyan Day Panel Chart?

The Kalyan Day Panel Chart is an in-depth record of the numbers which are drawn in the daytime Kalyan Satta Matka game. It organises past game results in a panel format, that allow players to make informed decisions for future games. This Chart prepared by game experienced players and experts, that increases your chance of winning in future.

What is the Kalyan Final Chart?

The Kalyan Final Chart provides a previous record of the final results, including the winning numbers, Jodi (pair), Panna (single-digit), and Panel (combination) for a specific round in a Satta Matka game. Players use this chart to analyse patterns, trackpast outcomes, and make informed predictions.

What is the Kalyan Guessing Chart?

The Kalyan Guessing Chart can be useful to all the enthusiasts of the Kalyan Matka guessing game. It provides information on certain guessing draws and their probability and opportunity. By using this chart it is easy to make a guess of what next to do and therefore organise the game accordingly. This is particularly important especially if you have been playing Kalyan Matka for several years, or if you are new to it. In a bid to avoid misleading data, one may choose to get information from other more reliable sites such as the kalyantrick.com.


The different Kalyan Charts as we see above are involved if you want to play a successful Satta Matka Game. By seeing different past patterns and trends and experts strategy, players easily enhance their chances of winning. Kalyan Panel charts provided by kalyantrick.com gives you guarantees that are developed by professionals and market experts, by using that you can win more and more bets.

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